A Guide to Hiring and Building Your Fraud Team

Learn hiring strategies and key traits to consider when building your fraud team, as well as steps to take to retain them.

When it comes to building a fraud strategy, it’s not just about technology. Perhaps equally, if not more, important are the people who analyze and review cases to catch fraudsters. What are some key traits to look for and how do you assess them? Should you hire from outside or inside? What qualities should great fraud analysts have? What skill sets and backgrounds are needed and most crucial? And once you’ve built your team, how do you provide them with the best environment to succeed? These are some tricky questions, but not ones you have to tackle alone. 

In this white paper, DataVisor architect Julian Wong shares his thoughts on key traits to look for in a candidate when hiring and building a fraud/risk analyst team, as well as how to create a setting to optimize your team's value. 

Download the Guide to Hiring and Building Your Fraud Team