User Acquisition Fraud Case Study

Learn how the DataVisor User Analytics Service detected millions of fraudulent app installs per month and helped this company save $3M-$5M per year

The mobile app landscape is extremely competitive, with more than three million apps available today in the major app stores and more being developed each day. Install ad campaigns are increasingly popular (if not necessary) for app marketers to stand out, but along with new campaigns come new fraudsters to take advantage of their ad spend.

User Acquisition Fraud is growing problem for a number of app developers as systems such as click farms mimic new users and pay fraudsters big time. How big? On average, a fraudster earns 430x as much from a fake install than from a fake impression.

DataVisor has partnered with one of the most well respected gaming companies in the world, with a massive install base of more than 300 million users across 180+ countries, to help them fight user acquisition fraud.

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